Virtual reality software

Make your dreams a reality with the latest VR software right in our showroom, where you can walk around your project before it is even made.

How it works

Using the latest state of the art Oculus Quest 2 Virtual reality technology we can show you your project in our showroom giving you the opportunity to walk through your dream kitchen, bedroom or bathroom before it’s built.

This unique opportunity is what helps us stand out from the crowd giving our customers a fantastic way to experience what their project will look and feel like. Our dedicated virtual reality hub in our showroom is set up to give you an amazing look into the future of what you will have in your home once it is installed.

The process is really simple once we’ve agreed your design and plans our designer we will be able to create your project in our virtual reality software within minutes on the spot during the design consultation. From concept to virtual reality you can quickly take a walk around your virtual room.


What next?

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